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Review: 100% Pure Make-Up

I recently purchased a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 from 100% Pure as well as their lip & cheek tint and their mascara. Here's my review!   I took a chance ordering these products online because I read mixed reviews. However, I like them! I was really looking for...

Review: Vitamix Blender

My family and I have been through many blenders and after several broken blenders my dad decided to get this one... It's fantastic! Although it's a little pricey, it will last you a lifetime! I absolutely LOVE it. I'll use once if not twice a day and couldn't live...

One A Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Pull-Ups

A pull-up is a great exercise that works mainly your back muscles but it targets a lot of other muscles too. For me pull-ups indicate my strength level, because I'm seeing how many times I can raise my own body weight. Kind of like push-ups, you start with one and...


Leah Honiball

“I met Leah over four years ago, when I was hired to build her website. I took a look at her site recently and saw all the valuable knowledge she had shared there. I asked myself what I had to show for being a writer and designer all these years… Nothing in terms of a personal site. So I was inspired by her, which is a nice way of saying I was jealous, and began to write daily, on the quest for a 365-day body transformation.”


Leah is passionate about writing, fitness, and nutrition. She’s currently working on producing videos for YouTube and enlarging her world, your world, and our world, together.